Puigdemont will submit to vote of confidence after the summer break

  • The government coalition failed to pass the budget for 2016 at the Parliament

10.06.2016 - 05:57

Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont stated this Wednesday that the current government “doesn’t have guaranteed stability and therefore can’t rule”. Thus, he announced that he will submit to a vote of confidence after this summer so that the Parliament can decide whether to restore confidence in the current Government or call for new elections.

“We can’t continue like this, we go nowhere with such a volatile basis”, he admitted. Puigdemont considers the conditions which led to the agreement between the pro-independence forces cross-party list ‘Junts Pel Sí’and radical left CUP after the 27-S elections to “have now changed”, a situation which has been highlighted by CUP’s recent veto on the budget for 2016. “I trusted you and I defended you until the end”he said, addressing radical left pro-independence CUP and added that the lefties “let down the hopes of millions of people”.

Confidence and trust

“I can’t extend this term of office unjustifiably”, admitted Puigdemont, whose mandate started last January and was due to last for about 18 months, until the basis for a new Catalan Republic would have been set.  “We don’t trust those who don’t fulfil the agreements” he stated, referring to CUP.  “We have the right to wonder if the future agreements would be respected; are we going to sign an agreement which will change afterwards?”, he rhetorically asked.

“We accepted that [former Catalan President] Artur Mas stepped aside because it was a guarantee to stability. A guarantee which 10 MPs assured on a written agreement”, he said in reference to the seats that CUP obtain on the 27-S elections. “We have sadly confirmed that a group which got 1.6 million votes was able to set aside its candidate but a group which obtained 300.000 votes can’t withdraw an amendment”, he lamented. “There is no logic nor loyalty” he lamented and assured that “some made more sacrifices than others”, sentenced Puigdemont.

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