Puigdemont to Barcelona’s consuls: “Catalonia walks towards independence”

Romeva: “We welcome you to discuss any concern together. You’ll find reception and answers”

12.02.2016 - 01:23

Barcelona (CNA).- The diplomats which are currently in Barcelona “will be very busy in the coming months”, assured Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, as Catalonia “walks towards independence”. Puigdemont made this statement during the traditional reception of the Barcelona-based consuls, together with the Catalan Minister for Foreign Affairs, Raül Romeva, and Catalan Minister for Business and Knowledge, Jordi Baiget. The Catalan President also asked the diplomatic community “to explain [Catalonia’s process] properly” to their countries and assured that he is at their disposal to address any concerns they may have. Puigdemont also forecast that Barcelona will have “even more and a greater quality of diplomacy in some months, when it becomes the capital of a state”.

“Talk to your communities and explain them what worries us” stated Puigdemont and added that many consuls are following Catalonia’s process with growing interest “as we are a country of reference”. “The policies we are going to launch are those required to build a new state” he said “and unless you are relieved of your office, you’ll witness it. You should feel privileged”. Puigdemont also offered to “personally” explain to diplomats “all that which you don’t understand” and called them to “appease” those companies which may regard the Catalan process with major concerns. “We will do it right” he assured.

During the traditional reception of the Barcelona-based consuls, which given the political circumstances acquired a special significance, Romeva emphasised that Catalonia’s “political project responds to the people’s will” and that its political future includes remaining within the EU.

Romeva called for a constant relationship between the Government and the consuls beyond the economic field, “as the international projection of this country goes much further”, he stated.

“We welcome you to discuss any concern together. You’ll find reception and answers” assured Romeva and expressed his commitment to “hatching even more connections that those which currently exist”. The Catalan Minister for Foreign Affairs also encouraged the consuls to ask “all the information” they might require “about this inexorable process”.

Catalan News Agency


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